Rebel Port Club

Following the motto Not Your Grandfather’s Port Club, we designed a new disruptive concept developed for Symington Family Estates. An old chapel, hidden in the garden of a centenary building in the city of Porto, was reborn as a new concept of Port wine bar.

Inspired by music clubs like the Berghain, De School, Le Petit Salon, and others we developed an aesthetics where the black color of the building, the vibrant orange of the ceiling, neon lights, vivid colors from furniture and details, and industrial elements interplay to create a distinctive (yet enigmatic) place to enjoy and explore the many possibilities of Symington's Port wine.

At the corner of the club, a captivating installation demands attention — an altar dedicated to Bacchus, the wine god. With hues of vibrant orange and the sweet blue, the altar pays homage to the hedonistic spirit of the God.

Rebel Port Club defies conformity and embraces the unconventional.