JR341 Apartment

The project’s concept was built around the advantages of the materials already in place, since no new construction or renovation was made. Our effort was put on the conservation of the most interesting existing elements. The result was a small but sophisticated living space where nature colors are the main character.

Furniture’s and decoration’s colors palette creates a harmonious and lively atmosphere. A game between the building’s shadows and sun light that invade the space from the windows originates a path full of contrasts and poetry, both intimate and romantic, a perfect match between the sunset light and the forest green velvet couch, which was design to cause a 90’s vibe in the flat.

Functional furniture and intelligent built-in storage were custom-made to offer our clients free circulation and clean visual spaces, which brought overall harmony to the small flat. A walnut bookcase with closed storage areas was developed to be placed on the corridor to connect the living/dining room with the bedroom area.

In the kitchen, a black cabinet creates contrast with the existing countertop, while relating with the beautiful sardines-themed wallpaper, creating a cozy cooking zone.