DJ433 Apartment

The renovation of the apartment was already underway when we stepped into the scene to develop an interior design project for this 140sqm apartment located in the center of Porto. The enormous potential was soon revealed by the spatial distribution and the natural light that flooded the space.

To counterbalance the white surfaces, wooden elements were strategically incorporated through furniture. Rich oak tones and textures added warmth and grounded the space, making it feel more inviting and cozier. Through the interplay of a calming green sofa, wood furniture, and lively yellow accents, the living/dining area achieved a delicate equilibrium between calmness and energy.

From the vivid blue present in decorative elements in the bedroom, creating a sense of sophistication, to the main elements in the terrace that work together with the vibrant orange, this palette was designed to evoke feelings of serenity while adding a touch of daring.
The once-muted space now radiated with warmth and personality, by the color, and design elements from Flos, Olaio, Adico, among others, showcased how a carefull intervention can turn a mere living space into a true reflection of its inhabitants' spirit and style.